Quota Encyclopedia

What requirements do I have to fulfill as a Holder ?

Yes, if you are the owner of the vehicle and are entered in the Zulassungsbescheinigung part 1 (vehicle registration document). Usually the person who leases the car is entered here, but it can also happen that the leasing company is entered. In the latter case, please contact them for further information. Each leasing company handles this differently.

No, unfortunately, only vehicle owners can apply to us for payment of the premium.

Yes, you can register with us as a company and use the bonus in the same way as private individuals. Please use the registration function for companies & fleet operators. You are also welcome to write us a message and we will clarify all possible questions and the process personally. As a corporate customer who is liable to pay sales tax, you will receive the stated bonuses plus the statutory sales tax. Of course, you will receive a credit note issued to your company.

No, it is sufficient if you are the owner of the vehicle for one day a year at the time you submit your documents to us.

No, you do not need to have a private wallbox to apply for the THG bonus. However, a charging point must be available. This can also be a standard household socket. You do not have to provide proof of use of this charging point. Your saved emissions are applied for on the basis of the current estimated value of the Umweltbundesamt.

Please note: No adjustment is made based on actual miles driven or electricity consumed.

What requirements does my E-Car or E-Vehicle ?

No, unfortunately only purely battery-powered vehicles can benefit from the THG quota. If the legal situation should change, we will inform about it.

No, due to legal requirements, the THG quota can only be applied for vehicles registered in Germany. Proof of this is provided by uploading the Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil 1.

Yes, if, as in the case of an eVehicle, it is a purely battery-powered vehicle for which a Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil 1 is available. 
Please note: if you do not have a Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil 1, we cannot apply for the premium for you. If the law should change, we will inform about it.

Yes, of course, you can apply for the THG quota for multiple vehicles. Currently, online applications with up to 5 vehicles are possible. Simply upload several vehicle documents at once. If the owners are different, but belong to the same household, a one-time registration is sufficient. The payment will be made to the deposited bank account for all vehicles.
Corporate & fleet customers can also register up to 5 vehicles at once. If you have a larger fleet, we will be happy to provide you with an individual offer.

What to consider for the Register?

For registration we only need a few details (full name, e-mail address and IBAN) and a photo of the front and back of your vehicle registration certificate (Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil 1). With the information we take care of the certification at the Federal Environmental Agency and the subsequent marketing.
Your THG premium will be paid out to the IBAN provided. If there is any change to this IBAN, please let us know (support@thequotahouse.de).

That's no problem, please inform us about your new IBAN informally via E-Mail . You will then receive a confirmation email about the change.

Yes, you can click under registration the button " You are already registered? Then you can click here to add additional Vehicles " and add register additional vehicles. To do so, simply fill out the form and upload the Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil 1. The payment will then be made to the account you already have on file.

What if I have only recently Bought or sold my e-vehicle?

Yes, you do not have to be the owner of the e-vehicle during the entire assignment period to receive the full bonus. The only important thing is that you are the registered owner at the time of registration on our site.
Please note: if you have purchased a used vehicle, it may be that the previous owner has already applied for the GHG quota. Please check with him about this, as the savings can only be claimed once per year and owner. If this has already been done, you can only claim them again for the upcoming assignment period.

This is no problem, you will still receive the full THG quota for the assignment period. Please inform us about your sale or deregistration via E-Mail  .
Please note: f you sell the vehicle within Germany, please inform the new owner that you have already applied for the bonus. A certification/application is only possible for one owner per vehicle per year. The new owner can apply for the THG quota again through us the next year and get paid.

Amount of the THG bonus

Bei uns erhälst du für ein normales E-Auto bzw. ein eMotorrad garantiert 360€ an THG-Bonus ausgezahlt. Von diesem Betrag gehen keinerlei Gebühren ab und steht dir nach der Auszahlung zur freien Verfügung. Der Vorteil für dich, du trägst no Risk and you pay no commissions! We alone bear the risk of marketing your THG quota and do not pass on low sales proceeds to you!

Wir garantieren dir 360€ für einen E-PKW pro Jahr. Dieser Wert wirst du auch wenn du für mehrere Jahre abschließt dir gutgeschrieben! Falls sich die garantierte Auszahlung für Neukunden erhöht im nächsten Jahr, bekommst du diese selbstverständlich auch! Falls die garantierte Auszahlung sinken sollte, bleiben deine 360€ bestehen. Wir wollen, dass alle E-mobilists benefit from the THG quota and not only new customers!


Currently, we collect applications by the 14th and 31st of each month (taking into account the revocation period) and submit them to the authorities, one business day later in each case.
Please noteUnfortunately, the payment date cannot be reliably determined. Due to the current rush and the new structures at the authorities, we expect a response after 6 - 12 weeks after submission. Unfortunately, we have no influence on this processing time, you can ask questions by e-mail to support@thequotahouse.de.
After successful certification, we try to market your THG quota as soon as possible. This can take up to 4 weeks.
We want you to receive your payout as quickly as possible and can promise you a short processing time due to fully digital processes.

Unfortunately, THG quota trading is very non-transparent due to the small number of market players (large and small petroleum companies, brokers and quota agents). Therefore, the current market price is determined by a few and is based on recent transactions. Non-public price information services try to soften this intransparency and regularly publish buying and selling prices; these describe the current market price. However, since this is constantly changing and everyone has a different idea of risk, we offer you a guaranteed payout which eliminates the risk for you!

The point of taxation of premiums from the sale of the THG premium, we refer to the publication of the State Office for Taxes of Rheinland-Pfalz, which corresponds to the nationally agreed administrative interpretation, the following:
The receipt of THG premiums for e-vehicles from private assets are non-taxable benefits. These premiums are therefore not subject to income tax. If the e-vehicle is classified as business assets, the THG premiums constitute business income for income tax purposes.
Please note: Tax returns are individual and we do not provide tax advice. If you have any questions/need information on this topic, please contact your tax advisor directly to get a reliable answer.

Data Privacy

Yes, your data and documents that you provide and upload during registration are secure. All data and traffic is encrypted and stored only on servers in Germany. We use your data only for the certification of the THG quota. For more information, please see our privacy policy.


No, our service is and always will be free of charge for you. There are no hidden fees on you!

No, only one contract is drawn up for the years in which you commission us to certify and market your THG quota. You can specify this individually for each vehicle when registering your vehicle(s). Once the selected period has passed, the contract is not automatically renewed!
Please note: If you sell your E-vehicle before the end of the period, please inform us informally by e-mail (support@thequotahouse.de). Then we will of course terminate the contract.

Our platform acts as an intermediary between you, the authorities and the companies that are legally obliged to buy THG quotas.
To improve our service whitout general flat rates or fee structures, we finance ourselves proportionally from the revenues generated by the GHG quota. However, we do not deduct a flat commission and do not reduce your payout!

Invitation Bonus

This works very simply. When you register, we will send you your personal advertising link. You have to share this link with the person you want to refer. As soon as they register with us via the link, it will be noted that you have recruited them. The bonus will be paid out to your deposited account.

Please note: If the person to be recruited has not registered via the link provided, we cannot pay out the bonus retrospectively.

Once we have marketed the THG quota of the referred person, you will receive the amount paid to your deposited account.

What is the THG Quota?

The THG quota is intended to be an instrument for reducing emissions from our mobility in Germany. In essence, the aim is to reduce greenhouse gases from the fossil fuels currently dominating the transport sector and to promote renewable energies and alternative drive systems. The THG quota (or greenhouse gas reduction quota) is therefore aimed at all those who bring energy into transport, mainly mineral oil companies that market high-emission fossil fuels. These companies are obliged to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of these fuels by a legally defined percentage each year and demonstrably. This percentage will increase continuously every year until 2025.
Seit dem 01.01.2022 kann Strom für Elektroautos, als alternativer Kraftstoff mit niedrigeren Emissionen, zur Erfüllung der Minderungsquote genutzt werden. Halter von Elektrofahrzeugen können demnach ihre CO2 Einsparungen an Mineralölkonzerne verkaufen, die wiederum durch den Einkauf ihre Quote erfüllen können.

The current version of the GHG quota is regulated by the German Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG) and the 38th Federal Immission Control Ordinance (BImSchV No. 38). Since 01.01.2022, it is now also possible for private individuals to benefit from the THG quota.

This is based on the Renewable Energy Directive II (RED II) (2018/2001/EU) of the European Union. In Germany, the instrument of the THG quota was created for this purpose. According to the 38th BImSchV, the competent authority in Germany is the Federal Environment Agency, which is responsible for testing the fuels placed on the market and certifying the emissions saved.

To keep the process simple for E-vehicle drivers, the Umweltbundesamt applies flat rates. This flat rate corresponds to the average recorded mileage of approx. 11,000 km per year. 

Please note: An adjustment of your emission savings, to your actually driven kilometers, cannot be made!

How does the THG quota contribute to the Environmental protection ?

With the THG quota or the issuance of environmental certificates, the German government aims to redistribute financial resources from fossil products to renewable energies in transport. The more mobility in Germany is converted, the less fossil fuel is effectively used in traffic.

By including charging electricity from both the public and non-public charging sectors, the federal government recognizes that E-mobility is also a viable alternative to fossil fuels and actively saves emissions.

To summarize: An E-car owner brings low-emission energy into the traffic himself when charging non-publicly (e.g. at home or at work) and is thus rewarded by the THG quota.

Please note: If you don't claim the THG quota for yourself, the legislature is allowed to auction off your quota to quota obligated companies at the end of the year and use the proceeds as they see fit!